How to Celebrate Shark Week Every Week

| August 8, 2009 at 3:48 pm
Poor Shark is About to be Eaten

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel (it’s really more like Shark Attack Week) is almost at an end. But that doesn’t mean we should just forget about sharks until this time next year.

I love sharks. It’s distressing to know that, in the last 25 years, many shark species have declined in population by over 90%. If something isn’t done soon, they’ll go extinct.

On average, 3.9 people a year are killed by sharks (Source). In contrast, some studies estimate humans kill over 100 million sharks a year for their fins.

At the end of this article are links with petitions and information on what you can do to help protect our oceans.

I’ve included a couple quotes from websites. It’s ironic that, while shark cartilage is touted as being a miracle drug, it’s actually full of unsafe levels of a toxic substance.

The legal limit for consumption of methyl-mercury, set by the EPA, is 0.1 microgram per kilogram of body weight. Studies have shown shark meat contains as much as 1,400 micrograms of methyl-mercury in one kilogram. A person weighing 155 lbs would therefore get 50 times the legal amount in one single portion of shark steak.

Shark Savers: Quick Shark Facts

This finding leads to…

Shark fin soup is said to be an aphrodisiac, and many people consume it specifically for this supposed property, yet the Hong Kong researchers also revealed that, because of the high mercury content, eating shark fin soup could render men sterile—the opposite of the intended effect.

Jaws: The Natural History of Sharks
(Threats to Sharks and Conservation)

More About Sharks

Take Action to Save Sharks

Shark Information and Shark Fin Soup

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